Category: Games shows you fun facts about fans of your favourite artists. Simply visit the homepage, type in a band name and get weird and wonderful statistics about their fans.

The site was created in less than 48 hours by ...

Skrillex Quest

It all started with a speck of dust... Use arrows and space bar. If controls don't respond, click the game area. Otherwise you will not have to use the mouse.



On thesixtyone, new artists make music and listeners decide what's good. We're nurturing a growing ecosystem where talented folks can sell songs and merchandise directly to their fans. Unlike a record or distribution deal where they only make ...


Music Fan

Test your abilities as a music critic. Watch emerging artists perform. Some are amazing. Some aren't. Do you know the difference? Find out here.


Receive honest feedback. Emerge from the crowd. Upload a video with your ...


The simple and fast-paced platform action game that lets you track your performance on online high score boards, and more!


A few quotes about Canabalt:

"Canabalt is pure genius."

"It's going to be quite some time before ...


Wooah. I was impressed, when I first visited the website that invited to #musichackday Amsterdam this year. They listed 17 APIs to hack with. Way more then 2 years ago. OVERSUPPLY!

I instantly had a picture of a huge sandwich ...


Drinkify automatically generates the perfect* cocktail recipe to accompany any music.

Guess Your Songs

Guess Your Songs, a music-based social gaming  platform that takes the idea of guessing a song from a short clip and moves it onto the big stage. Available on iOS, Facebook, and the Web, Guess Your Songs ...



All around the world, musicians are sitting alone by their webcams, and they're nervous.

They're about to appear in front of strangers everywhere, where they'll have to bring their best stuff. Otherwise, these hopefuls will be unceremoniously ...

Mystery Music Search

At the time of this writing, Mystery Music Search was not working.

Pop.ularity is a pop quiz where the player has to guess which artist is most popular. It uses the api to generate a list of artists and then selects two randomly for each question. The ...

Space Cannon 3D


The goal of the game is to shoot as many of the flying space particles as you can before the song is over. Moving the mouse aims the cannon and clicking will fire a shot.

This game was built to ...

Music Monsters

Shows you your monster based upon your listening habits. The Echo Nest: to get the acoustic analysis of the track (/song/search). The tempo controls the movement of the monster and the mode (major/minor) controls the background image.


In a nod to the early 1990s, we made a JavaScript music quiz. It's based on your profile (more specifically, your scrobbles) to find our how much you really know about the artists you listen to. Each ...

Six Clicks to Imogen

The hack is a game where the goal is to find the shortest path from a randomly selected artist to Imogen Heap.

BreakoutBand is the first online experience where anyone can make their own music, regardless of experience. On BreakoutBand, you can create original songs, share with friends, get fans and compete. So, do you have secret aspirations of being the next ...

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