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ButtonBass Dubstep Piano

 This is the ButtonBass Dubstep Piano   Mix drums, ambiance, dubstep, and acapella voice loops into some heavy dubstep beats!  Synchronize the timing by pressing the keys on beat or by pushing the space bare / sync button.   Stop all beats by ...

Jam With Chrome

If you ever dreamed of playing in a band, now’s your chance to be a rock star. JAM with Chrome is an interactive web application that enables friends in different locations to play music together in the Chrome browser ...



ToneCraft is a simple sequenzer that let's you create music in 3d.


The concept is really easy:

Each voxel you place in the 3d space represents a note, different colors represents different instruments.


Go crazy and build something nice ...

Mixify Turntables


In-Browser turntables with instant access to tracks from Mixify and Soundcloud.

Mixify's Virtual Turntables give you the mixing power of DJ software in your browser.

Features include:

› Two virtual turntables

› Crossfader

› Instant access to tracks from Mixify and Soundcloud ...


Bring new life to classic sounds with SodaSynth. SodaSynth is a synthesizer and live looper that allows you to jam and quickly make cool recordings.


-Live looper for creating loops by ...



Can you make sick beats? Beatlab is the easiest way to create music and share it with your friends.

Beatlab is the easiest way to create music and share it with your friends.

Create music using a simple expressive interface ...


Replaces all slash characters on a website with images of Slash.

Dude, seriously? Turn your browser to 11 and rock out by replacing all slashes with images OF Slash.

Just click the Slasher button and watch the magic happen.


In the spirit of (and with the coding help of) Free Art and Technology Lab’s Shaved Bieber project, AUX Labs is pleased to present our Nickelblock plugin for Firefox and Chrome. Once installed, NickelBlock will eliminate all mention of ...


Plink is a multiplayer music experience with a super intuitive user interface. 

Simply by clicking and moving your mouse you create music in real time. You can play by yourself or together with three friends (or strangers). No hassle, just ...

Frankie's Organ

Make Frankenstein's monster learn and play your favorite songs on his organ. An HTML5 Web Audio app that uses The Echo Nest's analysis data to try and re-synthesize songs.

Color Piano

Learn how to play Piano without learning Sheet Music! Visualize the color of sound. Scales, Chords, Inversions & more!

Color Piano Theory is an educational application that utilizes colors in teaching piano theory, creating a visual interface for learning the keyboard ... collects data on the music you listen to provide recommendations that automatically follow your tastes.

We also give you stats, charts, graphs, and a sexy profile of your music taste.

You can setup to automatically collect ...

ButtonBeats Guitar

Play this guitar with your computer keyboard. Play real songs by just typing out the letters. Just like the ButtonBeats Virtual Piano.


If the Pulsate iOS app looks familiar, perhaps you've encountered one of its predecessors, ToneMatrix, which attracted lots of attention by pairing a simple musical idea with a minimal, elegant interface.

ToneMatrix was created by Andre Michelle, who works ...

Guitar Pro Viewer

It can view the guitar pro file online and listen each audio track.


Audiotool is a powerful online music production studio right in your browser. We give you the freedom to use new-tech and vintage inspired music devices that you are already familiar with. All crafted with lots of love for the small ...


Create live audio broadcasts and share them on your social media profiles.

Spreaker is a fun and simple way to broadcast your live audio updates and share them with your friends. Become a reporter or sports commentator, or simply broadcast ...

Ujam - Make Music Now



Aviary Audio Editor Myna

Aviary offers a nice suite of free, web-based media editing apps, among them its horse in the multitrack audio editor race: Myna. Myna sports a clean interface for arranging multiple audio tracks into a song, and ran without glitches during ...

Highlight to Listen

Highlight to Listen allows you to easily find music and information for any artist by simply right clicking text on a page.

Isle of Tune

Create musical journeys from street layouts. Roadside elements are your instruments and cars are the players. Share your island for others to play and vote on! Isle of Tune coming soon to iOS and Android devices... - more cars - more music ...

...Truth is, there is a plethora of music available on the internet outside of mainstream content providers such as iTunes and Amazon. From personal blog uploads to playlist aggregates, mp3 files are scattered throughout the accessible web, waiting to be ...

Simple easy piano for Chrome with 4 Instruments and more to come. Play with both your mouse or keyboard.

Online Music Alarm
Online Music Alarm - Simple, Beautiful and Useful Alarm Clock try it out at • No more annoying sounds! Set your favorite music to play just when you want it. • You can ask for any music or video ...

Aviary Audio Editor
Aviary’s Audio Editor is a powerful audio editing tool used to remix your favorite songs or record your own. From trimming and looping your audio to reversing it altogether, Aviary's Audio Editor allows for powerful clip editing. Creating ...

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