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Myspace for iOS

This is Myspace. Welcome to the neighborhood.

Make new connections through People Browse.


Note: This app is no longer available.

Join the RjDj music revolution! 

RjDj is an amazing new way of experiencing music - You are inside the music. Its the soundtrack to your life.

RjDj is the only place you can get ...

NML Jazz

More than 5,000 Jazz music CDs are now available in the palm of your hand. With more added every month!

The Naxos Music Library Jazz is now streaming on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Enjoy remote streaming of your ...


Over 65,000 CDs (940,000 tracks) of music are now available in the palm of your hand. With 1,000 CDs added every month!

The Naxos Music Library is now streaming on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Enjoy remote ...

Music Mover - Your Playlists: Only as Long as You Need Them

Music Mover - Your Playlists: Only as Long as You Need Them.


Music Mover allows you to play playlists that last a certain amount of time.


You can type in an address and it will play music that lasts as long ...

Tunigo Play

Find playlists for any occasion, read the latest news of interest, and discover new music. Tunigo offers you a completely new and groundbreaking Spotify experience. Thousands of playlists from our editorial team of experts as well as from the music ...

The 99 Most Essential Piano Pieces

Exquisite App! Once again, awesomely beautiful selection!" 

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When people hear the music of Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert and other classical musicians works, it brings not only beautiful melodies, full of charm Enthone, sincere emotion, or a quiet, elegant, orshock ...

99 Most Essential Pieces of Classical Music

Exquisite App! Once again, awesomely beautiful selection!" 

---------★★High quality★★--------- 

We know its hard to select and enjoy only the BEST pieces out of thousands of classical music that only worth your time, enlighten your soul, and provoke deep emotions.

World ...



sonicpanther is the world's smallest jukebox. Control the music that plays at house parties: choose the tunes you want to hear and vote on your friends' music choices. – an app that allows everyone to become a live broadcasting radio station. 

"Every single track played on is priceless because it's someone's favorite" Berk, USA is a brand new way to experience ...



Create your own broadcast stream straight from your iPhone. StreaMe app uses your iPhone to broadcast audio files to other iPhones in the same WiFi zone. Simply add songs to your stream list via iTunes, then when in a WiFi ...

Music Sessions


** Share music with your friends, enhance your speakers!! **


SOFKA wants you to experience their new App, MUSIC SESSIONS. Get ready to enjoy playing music with friends like never before. 


Music Sessions lets you create a multi-speaker soundsystem between all connected ...

ShareMyPlaylists is a resource for Spotify users to share and explore Spotify Playlists. The site is a free resource for music fans the world over.

At we love music, in all shapes and sizes. Anything goes, any ...



Want a shuffled playlist but still in need of some control? Maybe start with a little Rock and end with some Christian Rap? 

PlayGrit is a grid representing songs in your iTunes library. All songs are represented by a single ...


Sonarflow mobile

With sonarflow for iPhone and iPad, your full iTunes music library – no matter how large – is available on a single screen. Sonarflow groups your music by genre, displayed on screen as colored bubbles. Simply use your fingers to ...

Tap Tap Dance


Play Your Music


Tap Tap Dance is an all new music game for your iPhone or iPod touch, featuring 10 top hits from the biggest electronic artists in the world like Moby, Justice, Daft Punk, Tiësto, and more. Built ...

Metal Injection

iPhone app: Get your fix of Metal Injection. Anywhere with 3G.

The official Metal Injection iOS app contains these features:

★ Video Uploader: Log in to your MI account to upload your own videos to Metal Injection directly from your device ...

Share My Playlist

Send a list of the songs in your playlist to a friend by email or text message.

Ever been in a situation where your friend really likes the music you're listening to and wants the song names. You can ...

UnHear It

We created this site for those of you that have a song stuck in your head and you can't get it out no matter what you do.

Using the latest in reverse-auditory-melodic-unstickification technology, we've been able to allow ...


Like a couple of the other web apps, this one creates Spotify playlists when you enter an artist’s name. It’s available as a web app and an iOS app.

Workout Mix

The workout mix is your only resource for the best motivational & inspirational workout mixes compiled in one app. The workout mix is made up of 15+ music mixes that will keep you moving during your daily workout routines. Tired of ...

The Beatles Yellow Submarine


Following the recent first anniversary of The Beatles catalog's worldwide digital exclusivity on the iTunes Store, an exclusive Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' book that lets readers tap their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch to immerse themselves in the legendary film ...

The Find

The Find Magazine is a global collective of music lovers dedicated to promoting the diffusion of hip hop, jazz, funk, soul and related styles of music. We are the B-side among magazines.

We’re inspired by the culture of ‘crate ...

Nirvana Revenge

Tapulous, maker of the wildly popular iPhone and iPod touch music game Tap Tap Revenge, presents Nirvana Revenge, the latest addition to the Tap Tap Revenge franchise. This special edition game features thirteen of the iconic band's massive hits ...

Jimi Hendrix: The Complete Experience

Does the sound of Purple Haze fire you up? Or does Foxey Lady have you playing air guitar to the classic riffs? Expertly made for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in conjunction with Experience Hendrix LLC, this interactive app ...

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