ZAP Guitar - No Strings Attached


by instruMagic


Publisher's Description

The first guitar app that lets you strum any song with ease!

• Search for a song, and start playing.
• Revolutionary way to compose and edit your own songs while playing them.
• Easily play and sing along, Karaoke style!
• Break it out with your friends, and rock!
• Record and share your performance!

“A Killer App!” -

ZAP Guitar is a unique digital guitar that lets you perform any song on your iPad.
How ZAP Guitar works:
• Composing songs: Type (or paste) lyrics and chords into the editor and take your songs with you everywhere you go.
• Finding songs: Type in a song name in the search box. ZAP Guitar will pull the chord page and let you play it right away. Try it! You can then edit the song if needed.
• Playing songs: Play the song by tapping a single button (ZAP) to progress between the chords, while strumming the strings.
• See playing instructions:

ZAP Guitar lets you play songs on your iPad, whether you’re a seasoned guitarist or don’t know how to play at all.

This is the MUST HAVE app for guitar STUDENTS, guitarists ON THE GO, SINGERS and SONGWRITERS.

Extra features:
• Lefty support! (via Settings --> ZAP Guitar)
• User your own chord formats
• Record and share your strumming and singing through the app.

ZAP on!


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