by Uri Shaked


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The Zampoña is a traditional Andean panpipe, commonly found in Peru, Bolivia, and other areas of Latin America.


This instrument has a unique, haunting sound that touches your soul.


The Zampoña application lets you play the instrument using your fingers, with the look-and-feel of the real instrument. You can also use your lips to touch the notes and look like you are playing a real pan pipe.


This application is perfect to exercise songs on the go. The sound quality is great and the high-resolution graphics is just lovely. It also supports multi-touch, letting you play several notes at the same time and chords.


Special Features:

♬ Buy handmade flutes directly from the app. FREE shipping 

♪ Record your own Music

♪ Change the Tuning *

♪ Share on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or via EMail

♪ Add Magical Reverb Effect **

♪ Watch Youtube video tutorials

♪ Enjoy several different Zampoña models & designs *


* Available as in-app purchases

** Available on iOS5 or better, in-app purchase.


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