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YouTune Mobile connects you to the world's music library, Search and play millions of songs, and access your favorites and saved playlists. The unlimited access, is already included in the app price.


-Millions of songs, any time you like.
- Just search for it in YouTune.
- Play it and save it to your playlist if you like this song.
- Play your songs in the background, like the iPod.
-Share your songs, with your friends in different ways.
-Own Chartlist, with the top 10 songs.
-Youtube database, find songs if they are on Youtube.
-The song you listen to is streamed, you need no storage on your device.


-YouTune works optimal on WiFI and also on 3G connections.
-If you only have a EDGE connection, the app also works but it is not recommended
-The song you listen to is streamed, and cannot be saved on your device, but you can listen to it every time over the i-net.
-YouTune is a featured YouTube Player, and streams licensed YouTube music as an mp3, the app searches in the Youtube database.

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Purchase PriceMonthly
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $1.99 None
Unlimited access included in purchase price.

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