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by Somered Software.


Publisher's Description

You can use iPhone & iPad as music server! 

You can also listen music from other media servers! 

Enjoy music and save your disk space~

withU is Music Streamer & Music Streaming Player over Wi-Fi connection!

(UPnP/DLNA compatible)

withU lets you stream your iPod Music Library to 

● iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

● Gaming Consoles (XBox 360, PS3)

● Web Browsers (Safari, Chrome)

● PC Applications (Windows Media Player , Plex, XBMC, etc.)


withU also helps you listen Music from Windows 7 PC or PC applications such as Plex, XBMC Media Server, PlayStation Media Server, MediaTomb.


======== USEFUL TIP ========

● When you use withU as 'Music Server' in Background, you have to re-launch withU every 10 minutes. 

● If you don't want this, play any music in 'My Music' bottom menu, turn on repeat button and set volume to zero. 

● Although '10 minutes pop-up' appears, you don't have to re-launch withU.


======== HOW TO USE ========


● To Share Music, Connect your iOS Devices, Xbox, PS3 and PC to the same Router(or Hotspot). 

● Launch withU

● withU ➜ withU : Select other iOS devices under "Remote Devices"

● withU ➜ Xbox : Turn on Xbox, and select "App ➜ My Apps ➜ Music Player ➜ withU" 

● withU ➜ PS3 : Turn on PS3, and select "Music ➜ withU"

● withU ➜ Windows 7 PC : Start "Windows Media Player", and select "withU" under 'Other Library'

● Windows 7 PC ➜ withU :When streaming Music saved on Windows 7 PC to withU , if you can't see any song files, start Windows Media Player and choose "Stream ➜ Turn on media streaming ➜ Select the device you want to be allowed to access your files". In the case that "Stream" is not shown, choose "Control Panel ➜ HomeGroup ➜ Stream my pictures, music and videos to all devices on my home network".

● You can share your music in background state after pressing home button. But if you are not listening Music through withU, you have to "Re-Launch" withU every 10 minutes to keep sharing your Music.


======== FEATURES ========


● withU requires minimum 100MB(0.1GB) of iOS Device free space to work efficiently. 

(You can check your free space under : Settings ➜ General ➜ About ➜ Available )

● On iOS devices or PC, music can be streamed both ways.

● On Xbox or PS3, music can only be streamed from your iOS device to your gaming device.

● DRM songs might be limited to use.

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