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What's that song?

Do you have a song stuck in your head but wonder "what's that song"? Record a short sample of the tune online anonymously on WatZatSong. The WatZatSong Community will listen and tell you what song it is!

Name that tune!

Are you a music quiz fan? Show that you are the best by naming other member's tunes and climb up the WatZatSong song namers ranking!


WatZatSong, what is that?

WatZatSong ("What's that song?" in proper English) is a community website that allows you to: 
1) name a song that you have stuck in your head but of which you know neither the artist nor the title
2) name the other members songs and thus climb up the ranking up!
More generally, WatZatSong is a music discovery and sharing website based on helping each other. 

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Is WatZatSong free? Yes, totally! WatZatSong is financed by partnerships and advertising.

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