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wahwah.fm – an app that allows everyone to become a live broadcasting radio station. 

"Every single track played on wahwah.fm is priceless because it's someone's favorite" Berk, USA

wahwah.fm is a brand new way to experience music, enabling each and every individual to set up their own radio station wherever they are in the world. 

It's an app that has not only brought about huge traction within global press but also won several awards along the way. Now, going on air and broadcasting your tunes has never been easier.

wahwah.fm allows users to build playlists and listen to them together in real time to create a unique listening experience. As you move through the city you will discover new music, sounds and people.

What can you do with wahwah.fm?

+ Pick tunes from your own iPhone, listen and broadcast them at same time. 

+ Let your friend's on Facebook know about your station. 

+ Find out what other people in your vicinity are listening to.

+ Connect, interact and socialize with your listeners and community.

+ Listen to other people's radio stations and comment on their music

+ Tune in to far away places around the world and find out what music is being played there.

Why use wahwah.fm?

+ Other services like Pandora, Turntable.fm and Last.fm are all great but they don't allow for the simultaneous and synchronous live experience that you can have with wahwah.fm.

+ With wahwah.fm it's all about your music and the live moment, not about algorithms or recommendations.

We're always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback or questions please email us at support@wahwah.fm

wahwah.fm is like running your own radio station, except it's in on your mobile, live and in real time.


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