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Publisher's Description

Mobile voice tuner + find songs that match YOUR voice. 

GO PRO!! This Pro version of VoiceMatch includes UNLIMITED recording/playback, UNLIMITED matching songs, and NO ADS. Now SORT your songs too. Special price...just $0.99, only until Sept 30th

MOBILE VOICE TUNER AND KARAOKE APP FOR SINGERS OF ALL LEVELS. You will always know your vocal range...like a mobile voice coach. You can also FIND SONGS THAT MATCH YOUR VOICE! Can you sing like Drake, Rhianna, or maybe Taylor Swift? Try VoiceMatch and find out. 

Perfect for...

√ Professional or amateur singers wanting to tune or expand their vocal range (eliminates the need for a pitch pipe!) 

√ KARAOKE!...Use YOUR unique voice to find songs in all music genres...Pop, R&B, Country, etc.

√ Always have a list of songs handy that you can sing

√ Actors and musicians

√ Choir

√ Like a mobile voice coach (mobile singing lessons)

√ Anyone who just loves to sing



1. Press the Record button*

2. Sing into your device

3. Press the Range button to see the unique low-high range* of YOUR voice

4. Play back your recording at any time by pressing the Play button

5. "Find Matching Songs" to find songs that match your voice! Sort and scroll to see all matching songs.

6. Click on a song to find it on Google Play

7. Re-record at any time by pressing the Record button

karaoke app singing range vocal range voice range recorder tuner music pitch pipe

*VoiceMatch is based on standard Scientific Pitch Notation (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_pitch_notation).

> You will get faster and more accurate results if you use VoiceMatch in a QUIET location or with a wired headset.

> You will get different results and performance based on the age, type, and quality of your device.

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Android $0.99 None
Free version also available

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