Vocolo: Voice to Music Technology


by Alto Research LLC


Publisher's Description

Transform your voice into a musical instrument to create and record your own jazzy performances.

Your voice feels like it becomes a musical instrument with the Vocolo. With its sophisticated voice tracker, the most responsive on the market, the Vocolo greatly expands the possibilities for making live voice-controlled music.

The Vocolo is also great for musical voice training by providing instantaneous feedback with instrument sounds that simply make the pitch of your voice much more obvious. This training just occurs naturally - without thinking about it - while you’re playing and having fun.


* Patented vocal tracking technology is extremely responsive and accurate
* Variety of musical instrument sounds including trombone, tuba, baritone sax, alto sax, vibraphone, and pan flute.
* Works with earbuds or headphones (with or without a built-in microphone), or amplified external speakers for live performances.
* Special audio effects include echo and reverb.
* Control panel allows convenient changing of instruments, effects presets, and octaves during a performance.
* Play and record with custom accompaniments from genres such as jazz, R&B, funk and rock.
Record on top of a previous recording for layering performances.
* Play along with songs from your music library.
* Balance control allows you to mix your voice with any instrument or just create a pure vocal track.
* Patented pitch correction algorithm enables playing accurate notes in a natural way.
* Microphone level control allows singing in noisy environments or in more relaxed settings.
* Sophisticated enough for musicians to create new sounds.

Beware, the Vocolo can be addictive! Could you be another John Coltrane? With our ultra-responsive voice-tracking technology you’ll at least be able to give it a shot.

Special Notes
* Requires iOS 5.1 or later
* Echo effect not available for iOS 5
* Cannot play over the loudspeaker on the iPhone due to proximity of the speaker to the microphone. However, can play over the speaker on the iPod Touch and iPad, and over external speakers with the iPhone.
* Additional and improved instruments to come in future updates.

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