Virtuoso Piano Celesta


by Peter Nagy


Publisher's Description

The sweet sounding celesta for iPod touch and iPhone — with adjustable reverb, automatic time stretch, and fully configurable keyboard. Play some fairy tunes with Virtuoso Piano Celesta, a new iPod touch and iPhone instrument. Play the famous "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy". Or play the "Harry Potter theme". Adjust the reverb level to change the acoustical environment. Slide your fingers to roll the keys. And when you have the perfect tune, record it. The magical sound that comes from every movie, television show and commercial now fits in your pocket. From the creators of Virtuoso Piano, the high quality concert grand piano for iPod touch and iPhone. Features: 4 octaves of sampled celesta; sustain (damper) mode with separately sampled sounds; adjustable keyboard size; built-in metronome; automatic tempo conversion; built-in reverb with adjustable mix level; optional iPod mode - if turned on you can not play in silent mode (iPhone only) (On iPod touch it is enabled by default); key labels with color indication; record, save and playback with customizable project names; play chords with up to 5 fingers; slide your fingers to roll the keys Note: Virtuoso Piano Celesta has been designed to be used with headphones or external speakers. Use one of them instead the built-in speakers.

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