Violin Mastery


by KoolAppz


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Discover the Secrets of Violin Mastery. Do you enjoy the beautiful sounds produced from the violin? Do you admire those people who seem to be able to so effortlessly coax the beautiful and haunting sound of music from a violin? Many people believe that it is quite difficult to learn how to play the violin and thus they never even try. Others try but find that most instruction methods are unable to help them learn how to master this beautiful instrument. Here is what you will learn inside... - The Tools of Violin Mastery - The Violin as a Means of Expression - The Technique of the Modern Quartet - The Technique of Bowing - The Philosophy of Violin Teaching - The Singing Tone and the Vibrato - Technical Difficulties: Some Hints for the Concert Player - What the Teacher Can and Cannot Do - and much, Much More *** On Sale Now! (Normal Price $15.99) ***

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