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by Frontier Design Group


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Create amazing videos with multiple scenes (and no editing!) using a huge array of effects.

With VideoFX LIVE your video can have one shot or dozens without complex editing or post-processing. Pick an effect (including fade ins/outs), shoot your scene, review, and move on to the next scene ... all on your camera equipped iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Once your video is done it's easy to share it on YouTube and Facebook or send to the Camera Roll. Everything you need is right in VideoFX LIVE.

And don't settle for a handful of worn-out copy-cat effects when VideoFX LIVE provides over sixty presets, AND the ability to make your own custom effects by mixing and matching thousands of combinations from the built-in effect palettes. There's a wide selection of transformation effects from replication, picture-in-picture, warping, zooming, to animations and more. Dozens of color styles like saturation, hue, and brightness controls, to more elaborate edge detects, glows, solarization, focus, and many specialty styles. There are also blurs, flickers, strobes, fades, and animated particles. Finally you can frame the shot using a selection of classic, stylin', and fun borders.

Whether you are shooting a video log, recording yourself playing guitar or singing, documenting your vacation, or just capturing your zany kid, VideoFX LIVE is the perfect tool. Stop messing around with video files and movie editors and start shooting professional videos that get published right from your iPhone ... even if you are miles from home!

Want to shoot perfectly synced music videos to songs in your library with lots of great effects? Then pick up our Video Star app now. It's free!

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