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Upsize puts your music on the big screen. Don't just hear the sound, see your album art upsized on your TV. Do all your friends have an AppleTV, but you've just got a cable? Upsize can make you cool again. Explore your music library or choose a favorite playlist with one touch from within the app, or queue up iPod music using another app and then switch over to Upsize to get the album art and track info up on your TV. To use this app, you will need: An iPhone 4 or an iPod touch (4th Generation) running iOS 4.1 or later. There is another version of Upsize for iPad; An Apple Component AV Cable or an Apple Composite AV Cable to connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your TV; Alternatively, Upsize also works great with the Apple VGA adaptor to connect to a monitor or a projector, using an audio cable from the headphone socket.

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