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Developped by a composer, uPhase+ is a virtual instrument geared towards live play. It focuses on giving the player total control over phasing patterns that can be spatialized on up to seven devices. 


In uPhase+, you make music by superposing small patterns of different lengths and/or meter to create complex textures out of simple building blocks. The interface provides a way of improvising with the patterns in real time.


A "Solo Mode" acts as the app's lab, allowing the player to refine and save patterns before setting up a networked session. 


uPhase+ is a door to Interactive Minimalism.

  • Stereo mix wav recording (Solo Mode only, iPad2+ recommended for optimal experience)
  • AudioCopy to both the Sonoma pasteboard and the general pasteboard allows you to export your recordings to as many other apps as possible, in one tap.
  • 12+ video tutorials on uPhase.wordpress.com (highly recommended).
  • Conceived from the ground up for iPad, fully multi-touch interface.
  • Beautifully recorded piano samples, modifiable in real-time via an in-app sample editor (all samples by Bluemorfo).
  • Network up to 7 devices via wifi to spatialize patterns.
  • When networking devices, only one of them needs to run uPhase+. The others can connect via the free companion app, uPhase Client.
  • Example Session included to get you going.
  • Crisp graphics take advantage of the later gen iPads' retina displays.
  • Optimized to require very little bandwidth, even when networking 7 devices.
  • Depending on demand and feasability, future updates will add requested features. WAV output and AudioCopy have been included in this version following user feedback.



Head to uPhase.wordpress.com for demos, video tutorials and documentation. 



Please note that although it will run on previous generation devices, uPhase+ is optimized for iPad 3.

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