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Total access to your music in the palm of your hand.

Twonky Music incorporates the best features of multiple music apps into one easy to use experience. With Twonky Music, you can play music from your personal collection, whether it’s stored on your mobile device or a computer network. Twonky Music also has a wide selection of ad-free genre-based radio stations and personalized radio stations that you customize with your own preferences. Listen on your mobile device or beam music to your connected TV, stereo or other devices on your home network.

Your focus should be on the music, not switching between apps or devices, so we’ve included features that make Twonky Music one-stop listening. Each song contains the 'Flipside,' a feature that provides artist bios, news, and Twitter feeds, as well as song lyrics, within Twonky Music. Your custom radio stations pull from a catalog of millions of songs made up of all the major music labels and some of the biggest Indie labels too. Add 'Presets' to the Home screen to access your favorite stations more quickly. Listen to your favorite songs on the go or play them on one of the many music players available for your home network. Twonky Music works with Airplay-enabled devices, such as an Apple TV, and UPnP or DLNA-certified devices). Convenient, and as basic or interactive as you want to make it, Twonky Music enhances something you already love – Music!

Visit for more information about Twonky Music and other Twonky products.

Please note: The ability to play or beam some music depends on whether the music format is compatible with the playing device. Some features require setting up a free account with Twonky.

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