by Tim Bormans and Matthew Ogle


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Brings a bit of that ol' Myspace magic to any tweet that mentions a band/artist name.
Do you…
…think today's web is a little too elegant; too prescribed; too sterile?
…long for the old days when new music was lurking behind every click like a benevolent stranger in an alley?
…wish all these newfangled social services were a little bit more like those oldfangled social services?
Us too. That's why Twitspace is here to make every day on feel -- and sound -- like 2006.
Twitspace automagically spots band/artist names in any tweet you click on or are linked directly to. Having worked this magic, it then does the only sensible thing: pulls in some images, slaps them on the page, and gets some music playing.
TwitSpace is a Music Hack Day Barcelona production from Tim Bormans and Matthew Ogle.
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