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by RogueCode


Publisher's Description

Version 1.1:

-Background is now similar to the Zune album tile visualisation on PC. It will randomize between all your album art.

-The link that it includes to the song is now greatly enhanced, and deeplinks into Zune on both WP7 and PC from your browser.

-App is now payed, but purely for donation purposes. Read note at the bottom

A streamlined little app to tweet what you are listening to on your Windows Phone 7. With just one touch it will open, tweet the song, and then exit.

It will tweet the song along with a link to it on the Zune marketplace - and you can also decide exactly how you want the tweet to look.

It's free, and has no ad's :)

PLEASE NOTE: The trial and payed version of this are IDENTICAL. If you are feeling generous then please purchase :-)

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