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by Snowfish AB


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Find playlists for any occasion, read the latest news of interest, and discover new music. Tunigo offers you a completely new and groundbreaking Spotify experience. Thousands of playlists from our editorial team of experts as well as from the music loving users in our community means that you will never again have to wonder what to listen to. You can also read the latest news from the wonderful world of music and beyond, and keep track of all the hottest new releases - every day. With our built-in Spotify player, you can also listen to all of your music directly within the Tunigo app.


- Built-in Spotify player.

- Smart and simple system for discovering new music with thousands of playlists.

- Read the latest music news and more.

- Keep track of the latest releases.

- Add your own Spotify playlists. Simply log in, and they are in place.

- Share music, articles, albums and playlists with your friends.

- Discover new music and add it to your own playlists.

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