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"Do you still listen to music on iPod?"

TunesMate is here to replace your old iPod app. You can now experience the joy of music through your finger tips. TunesMate utilizes the power of multi-finger gesture function that the iPhone provides. You can use upto four fingers for different gestures such as play / pause / fast forward / rewind / volume control.

Also, TunesMate is perfectly compatible with iPod app which means it can import iPod/iTunes playlists and work with iPhone earphones and any other devices that iPod app is compatible with. If you want to share your song with your buddies? Just swipe down with three fingers, and you have just tweeted your song information.

Amazing Features of TunesMate

  1. Play / Pause / Volume Control / Fast Forward / Rewind music
  2. Next Song / Previous Song / Next Playlist / Previous Playlist / Select Playlist
  3. Changing Shuffle and Repeat mode 4. Sending song information to Twitter and Facebook (editable status and Artwork image, etc)
  4. Make your own TunesMate playlist in addition to your traditional iPod playlists
  5. Browse through songs quickly in Coverflow mode.
  6. Watch YouTube music videos and get more information of the artist you're listening to music from WIKIPEDIA.
  7. You can also set lock mode of your iPhone/iPod and dim your device screen.
  8. Listen through external devices such as Apple TV or AirPlay Speakers using AirPlay.

All these functions just with your finger gestures. Isn't it amazing? You can even customize the gestures. We hope you enjoy your favorite songs even more with TunesMate.

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