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by bgawn design


Publisher's Description


Fast, Accurate, Easy to Use Chromatic Tuner

InTune is a Chromatic Tuner for any Musical Instrument. It can be used to tune your guitar, flute, sax, voice, whistle, whatever.


InTune has been described as Clean, Cool, Concise, and Very Accurate. It looks good, it works well. What more d'you want?

This app has no ads, is completely configurable, and features two kinds of pitch pipes, custom temperaments, reference frequency adjustment, transposition, and more.

InTune also comes in two other flavors: Free, and Lite. The Lite version is just a tuner, with limited configurability, no Temperament or Transpose support, and no Pitch Pipes. It is Ad-Free. The Free version is just like the Lite version, but it has in-app advertisements displayed at the bottom of the screen.


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Lite version
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Pro version

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