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Become a composer with just a few simple touches


Creating catchy tunes has never been this easy! Using only your finger, become a composer by drawing patterns on the TunePad grid while listening to your composition being made! You can create complicated songs or simple beats, the choice is yours!


TunePad Features:

  • Save and load your personal tunes to show your friends and listen to later.
  • Flip and shift your tunes on-the-fly for easy editing.
  • Change the beats per minute (BPM) to produce tunes of different intensity.
  • iTunes Plus quality sound for every Tune Pack.
  • Up to 20 different notes in a 20 x 16 grid format, thousands of different song combinations in up to six octaves.


Want even more instruments to compose with? Download the Tune Pack using the in-app store to increase your repertoire

Listen with your headphones or through Apple AirPlay to your AppleTV for the best possible sound quality

Download now to get started creating your masterpieces


App Features: 

- iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible. 

- Graphics designed for Retina displays - no fuzziness. 

- Available for iOS 3.2+


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