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Tunebooth is a music player that gives you full playback control and easy library navigation, all in a pretty, customizable, gesture based interface. Its menus are simple and easy to learn, yet provide a powerful set of features and beautiful design that make it your perfect replacement for the built-in Music/iPod app.

Playback control:
- manage the upcoming songs using the next list
- playback controls and next list are always on screen for quick access
- set the now playing list by selecting a preset-, itunes- or custom made playlists
- play any song any time without affecting the selected playlist
- gestures for controlling the playback
- a pretty volume controller

Library browsing:
- browse your music by album / genre / artist / album-artist
- set the songs you navigated to as the now playing list just by tapping “Play All”
- instant search songs / artists / albums / genres
- mark the most favorite songs / artists / albums / genres as best and access them quickly
- access songs’ menu to quickly navigate to their album's songs, artist's albums etc.

Customize the look of your player:
- select one of the preset themes or create your own
- share themes with your friends by bluetooth
- adjust parts of the interface according to the hand you are holding your device with
- show / hide the status bar
- disable screen lock for instant playback control (note that this may cause battery drain)

Tunebooth is also integrated with the lock screen and the multitasking controls. Demo video available at the support page.

* Audiobooks, podcasts and videos are not supported.

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