Trippy - Replay


by Reality Jockey Ltd.

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Publisher's Description

Trippy - Replay makes everything sound better by mixing the microphone input of your device in realtime with the new techniques of reactive music. You won't take off your headset anymore once you are immersed in the soundscapes of Replay Speedometer, Eargasm, or Replay in Atlantis.

Get a taste of what happens whilst listening to the bundled scene "Replay in Atlantis" by Kids on DSP featuring the amazing voice of Kirsty Hawkshaw:

"Replay in Atlantis plunges you into a wonderful deep sea world. Your environment is transformed in realtime into a dense atmospheric soundscape, usually only ever heard by the most experienced of divers. Listen out for floating harmonies, deep bass lines and even mermaids."

Or another scene called "Replay Speedometer":

"Replay Speedometer accelerates your world and puts you into the cockpit of a space ship in light speed. The sonic objects of your environment accelerate past you as if your real world is from yesterday, all to the sound of a 168BPM Drum and Bass timeline."

Join the reactive music revolution and immerse yourself in the wonderful, mind-blowing soundscapes of this app featuring unparalleled scenes by Kids on DSP, Kirsty Hawkshaw and others.

If you want more reactive music, get the RjDj player where you can download more scenes.

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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $2.99 None
More scenes are available in the RjDj app.

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