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Tivoli Audio is known for many things, but above all we have a solid reputation for great sound and ease-of-use. So when it came to creating our first App, we turned to our customers and built an App around the most-listened-to Internet stations by Tivoli users. Rather than offer an overwhelming number of stations and genres, we picked the best of the best from around the world according to our customers. Since design is equally important to Tivoli, the App’s graphics are based on our most popular selling radio, the iconic Model One table radio.

After downloading the free App from the App Store or Google Play, simply select your genre and station, play, and enjoy. The Tivoli Radio App features ten Genre’s and ten stations within each Genre. There’s also a “Tivoli Favorites” category. The App will even allow you to keep up with Tivoli Audio’s newest product offerings.

Whether you own an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or an Android device, you can take advantage of our free App. No matter if you’re new to Internet Radio or an experienced listener, you’ll appreciate the quality of the hand-picked stations, the simplicity of use, and the beauty of the Tivoli Radio App.

  • Free Tivoli Radio App for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android
  • The best stations as determined by discerning Tivoli Audio listeners
  • Simple-to-use, Press-and-Play
  • 10 Genres and 100 Internet Stations from around the world
  • Design influenced by Tivoli’s Audio’s best-selling Model One radio

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