by Qosmo


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After a traumatic experience our lives tend to go back to normal. 

Well, they're not. 


Grab your iPhone, hold it tight and shake your fist!

As you shake guitars jam, people scream and you will explode with motion.

Tiny Riot, your tiny riot, will take your frustration,

all that pent up angst, anger, uncertainty and turn it unadulterated, jarring, and somehow incredibly releasing s.o.u.n.d.

Using it is simple. Shake the phone and out comes the first chord.

After that, it'll last as long as you can continue to shake, jump, bang, run, explode - until you feel satisfied or exhausted.

The camera records the entire experience, turning everyday scenery into a tiny riot which you can share with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

We made this app as a release for our frustration with the uncertainty of post 3.11 Japan.

We hope it can help you too.

Headphones recommended.

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