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Thicket:SONiC is an audiovisual art piece, toy, and instrument. Thicket:SONiC transforms simple gestures on the screen it inhabits in to mesmerizing visual patterns and kaleidoscopic sound. Commissioned by New York City’s SONiC—Sounds of a New Century festival, Thicket: SONiC is an extension of the ideas introduced in 2010’s groundbreaking Thicket app.

In keeping with the SONiC festival’s emphasis on cutting-edge classical music, Thicket:SONiC’s audio is created on-the-fly by radically remixing leading lights of the new classical scene, the Now Ensemble. A far cry from the standard grid sequenced clip-triggering remix app, Thicket:SONiC is controlled entirely by gesture, and can swing from a feline whine to utter bombast with the twirl of a finger.


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