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Thicket combines beautiful visuals with party beats to create the ultimate music interactive experience. Tap, slide, twist, or use two fingers, you change the beats and rhythm of the song by touch. Similar to Gliss, an app that lets you simply draw music, Thicket allows you to create custom beats and turn the song's rhythm on its head with just a few touches. With every touch, you can drastically change the onscreen graphics.

The graphics you control are called a "mode". Each mode has its own unique sound and animations. Your download of Thicket includes one free mode called Sinemorph, and  seven additional modes can be purchased for just $1 each. Additionally, new modes are expected to be released each month. Hosting a party? Plug in your Apple device to your television and turn your living room into Ibiza.

Thicket is a great app if you're looking for some fast fun. Whether you're on the go or looking to kick your party up a notch, Thicket will make you feel like a DJ superstar and allow you to interact with your iOS device in a whole new way. Please note that there is an original version of Thicket called Thicket: Classic. Thicket: Classic is the previous version that contains original content the new version does not.


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Publisher's Description

Thicket is an audiovisual playground for iPad that allows anyone to create beautiful sounds and pictures from simple finger touches. For users of all ages, this generative art and sound app immerses you in song-like audiovisual pieces called modes. When “playing” a mode, you both react to and create the music and graphics that you experience. Each mode is its own art generator, interactive toy, musical instrument, even performance tool depending on how you use it. And with new modes to be developed and released every few months, Thicket functions an expandable platform in the exciting new genre of handheld interactive art. 


  • Control visuals and sound simultaneously with touch and gesture
  • comes loaded with one free mode, Sinemorph!
  • watch demos of each mode performed by the creators of the app
  • gestural control system: switch modes with a simple swipe of your finger
  • child lock: removes menu and interface for uninterrupted fun.
  • screen capture: seamlessly capture snapshots of your favorite moments to your photo album
  • custom video out options on supported devices via apple HDMI connector, VGA connector, or wirelessly via Airplay


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iPad $0.00 None
This free app includes just one mode, or interactive song ("Sine Morph"). Others are available for $0.99 each as in-app purchases.

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