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TabToolkit for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is an incredibly powerful music notation viewer with multi-track audio playback. The app includes an audio synthesis engine that enables you to listen to and control the audio for all instrument tracks individually. TabToolkit makes learning how to play your favorite songs on guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and other instruments easier and more fun. ... TabToolkit also provides playback tempo control, a metronome, and a tab upload and download manager. The app is a perfect fit for guitarists and musicians of all skill levels. Take your tabs and sheet music with you wherever you go! Features: - Supports the following tab formats: Guitar Pro, Power Tab, PDF and text.* - Audio synthesizer with multi-track playback. Listen to all instruments simultaneously and re-assign the midi instrument for any track. - View both standard music notation and tablature notation. - Automatically scroll through music with tempo control. - Turn on a metronome with a wide range of sounds. - Display a fretboard (guitar or bass) or keyboard that shows finger positions. - Upload tab files directly from your Mac or PC. - Download tabs from the Internet using a built-in web browser. - Portrait and landscape screen orientations with an option to lock the orientation. - Built in help, news and feedback support feature. - Lefties welcome! Lefty-mode inverts the fretboard to display correct finger positions.

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