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Swoosh is an iTunes performance companion. Dump the dull iTunes music experience for more hands-on fun. Swoosh simulates vinyl control with that vintage pitch sound. Intuitively reach in to control track playback, audio effects and looping. A multiplayer, multi hand experience that was specifically designed for the Leap Motion Controller. Listen, music is always a good idea, so leap in.



Connects directly with your iTunes, enabling users to upload Playlists directly from their library

Precise, fingertip control of pitch, and reverberation

Set up to two queue points for custom loops


Version 1.0.2


Added 10.7 support

Video tutorial is now built into the application

Fullscreen mode on launch

Fixed audio effects positions

Performance fix with more than one hand

Added iTunes note when no tracks are playing in iTunes

Bug fixes

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Mac $1.99 None
Must have OSX 10.7 or higher, this app is not available for Windows

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