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Finally, Super Junior who represents Korea as well as Asia, will make a glorious comeback with their 5th album. Since Super Junior is the best star of Korean wave who has been receiving a tremendous popularity in Europe, the Americas, South America as well as in Asia, it is expected to fascinate global music fans The 5th album title song, ‘Mr. Simple’ lightly expresses how modern people lose their achievement for their job, love and dream without breadth of mind in such a complicated world with humorous and metaphorical words. Super Junior is planning to present an intense and energetic performance which highlights uniquely well-organized group dance, so it is expected to capture the eyes and ears of music fans all over the world with the striking visual performances. Features: - Full length song and lyric of “Mr. Simple” and album information - Super Junior photo gallery - Watch music video of "Mr. Simple", making film of Artwork & music video. - Super Junior official Facebook page Attention: - Audio Tracks and music videos are only available in this application

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