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Style Jukebox is an easy to use, free app that lets you take your entire music collection and listen to it from the Cloud on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad anywhere you are. 

You can stream or download your music playlists from the Cloud or play the songs you already have on your device.


•Instant access to your Jukebox music library

•Stream your music playlists over cellular network or Wi-Fi

•Swipe songs to pin them on your iPhone for offline playback

•Create temporary track listing just by tapping on the song’s cover (Play queue)

•Play music in the background and control it via lockscreen

•Log in with Facebook

To get your music on Jukebox Cloud, sign up using Style Jukebox on your computer and import your music collection for free. You can upload up to 1000 songs for free. More storage plans will be available soon.

Note: When streaming music using cellular network, you should consider switching off Cloud on cellular data from the application settings, unless you have an unlimited data plan with your carrier.

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