by Sean K.


Publisher's Description


Studio Ears lets you to train and test your ears through Audio-Quizzes. 


It‘s focus lies on 'Frequency Training' with a variety of sounds from Pink Noise or Sine Tones to various instruments. Sounds are played with either boosted or cut frequencies. Identify the modulated frequency by choosing the correct answer. 


StudioEars also contains a ,Tempo-Training Mode', in which you identify the Tempo (in bpm) of a given click, and usefull utilities such as a 'BPM Tapper' and a 'Tone Generator'. 


StudioEars overview: 


- Frequency Training with a variety of sounds and options (+-5/10db) 

- Tempo Training Mode 

- integrated BPM Tapper 

- Tone Generator 

- keep Track of completed Units 

- fully integrated In-App-Mail support


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