String Wars


by Aynur Labs


Publisher's Description

Learn guitar through a fun and interactive guitar game. 

Think Guitar Hero, but played with a real guitar. Makes learning guitar uber easy!

Learn your favorite songs with our unique part-by-part song-focused learning methodology. 

Practice is no more a boring uphill task!


"String Wars provided me with what I had wanted for so long - an easy and fun way to compete with other people! It not only helps me judge my skills against other guitarists, but also inspires me to try harder. Kudos for making this awesome app."

"I have been waiting for an app like this for awhile now. I get tired of buying songs from other guitar learning apps that can give feedback as you play based on tabs. This one is precisely what I have wanted! Love it!"


♪ Intuitive step by step learning methodology 

♪ Get live feedback on every chord played

♪ Choose from a variety of learning modes like "Adaptive Speed" or "Wait on Wrong Note"

♪ Choose from hundreds of crowdsourced guitar tabs or bring your own

♪ Slow down the tempo and change the difficulty level to match your skill

♪ Allows you to play your own guitar-pro tab files

♪ Listen to your recording and share the played songs through soundcloud, facebook and twitter

♪ Challenge your friends and other guitarists; accept challenges as per convenience

♪ Get key performance metrics at the end of session 

If you are a guitar enthusiast then our game, built using the latest sound technology to recognise played notes and chords, is the perfect tool to make the learning process joyful. Its a fun game for all - beginners to pros!

In addition to the songs available online, you can use locally available guitar-pro tabs - no more recurring expense of buying song tabs for learning guitar! 

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