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Stereotypes helps you stay connected to friends through your taste in music

Music has an emotional power that helps you feel connected to people even when they are not around. Simply knowing someone’s favorite music allows you to feel that connection anytime you hear one of their favorite songs, music from an artist they like, and sometimes even just music from one of their favorite genres.

With Stereotypes, you can:

  • Share your taste
  • Learn about other people's taste
  • Discover similarities and differences in taste, and
  • Discover new music from people with similar taste
  • For more detail, check out our features page.

Stereotypes is platform agnostic. We connect you with friends and people with similar taste regardless of their music and social networking platforms. Using interfaces with Facebook, Twitter, and iTunes, you can integrate your friends, followers, listening activity, and music preferences into Stereotypes, making it easy to share your taste and discover music.

So what is "taste"?

Ask 100 people what kind of music they like and those people will repond in 100 different ways. To help you share your taste and surface similarities with other people, we've created a common language that simplifies the way people represent taste. It's simple enough to help you quickly find similarities at a high level, yet sophisticated enough to work at a more detail level as well.

This new language is based on music concepts that everyone is very familiar with: Genres, Artists and songs. But we're take things one step further. Research has shown that music taste can be grouped into just FOUR categories and that we can accurately associate personality information with people who like music from those categories. Based on that research, we've created "The Stereotypes", four personality and music taste profiles that simplify the way you can describe your taste. Your particular taste may align heavily with one of the four Stereotypes, or you might associate closely with two of them or you could be split across all four. Everyone's taste is different, but some people are very similar. More about the Stereotypes

Using your favorite Songs, Artists, Genres and your associations with each Stereotype, we can easily show specific similarities and differences between you and other people, as well as calculate for you an overall similarity score between you and every user on the site.

Cool! But what do I "do" on Stereotypes?

First and foremost, create your Stereotypes profile. You can do this by connecting Stereotypes with other applications like Facebook and and by sharing your favorite and least favorite genres. Once you've done that, share your Stereotypes profile with your friends and invite them to see how similar your tastes are.

Next, find and follow people with similar taste. We have a special section for friends and another one for people with very similar taste. Have a look in there to see if there are people whose taste you like. By following them, their activity on Stereotypes will show up on your Stereotypes Home page.

Once you've got a cool group of people to follow, check out what music they love most. You can visit a user's profile page or see recent recommendations on your Stereotypes Home page. Preview any song for up to 30 seconds.

When you find music you like, say so! Simply click the heart to add the song to your favorites list, and broadcast that song to your friends and followers. Any songs you like will appear on your profile under "Recommendations". You can also visit someone's page to see what songs you specifically have in common with them.

If you really like a song or want to explore it a bit more, you can add it to a playlist. Playlists are a great way to consume music since you can buy, share or export playlists into Spotify to hear full songs.

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