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Publisher's Description shows you fun facts about fans of your favourite artists. Simply visit the homepage, type in a band name and get weird and wonderful statistics about their fans.

The site was created in less than 48 hours by the Tastebuds team as a 'hack weekend' project. The team travelled to a remote location with the sole focus of creating a specific feature, app or website from scratch in a short period of time. Some people enjoyed Valentine's Day with their loved ones - the Tastebuds team were working on bringing you!

Too good to be true?

All of the findings are backed up by survey answers and user data collected from over 100,000 users on the Tastebuds website. Hundreds of surveys were carried out over the last 12 months and over 6 million unique data points were analysed.

Each survey that appears on has been answered by at least 1,000 of our users.

On average Tastebuds users add over 70 artists to their profile. These are imported from our Spotify app,, Facebook or are manually entered by users. To generate the headlines we examined each artist one by one to see how their fans responded to each survey.

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