by Jean-Baptiste Lernout


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"Control Spotify on your PC with Spotimote ! (requires the installation of Spotimote server on your PC : Features : - Control Spotify : play/pause, next/previous track, volume, shuffle, repeat, track pos - Access Spotify database and search for tracks or artists - manages your favorites (tracks, albums...) - import playlists in your favorites - access your playlists (Spotify premium account required) If you have any trouble using spotimote, please send a mail or leave a comment on the web site. Spotimote communicates with the server component over Wifi. The connection is automatic, you don't have to specify an ip address or anything. After the installation of the server component, when you launch it for the first time, you may be prompted by the Windows Firewall. You have to authorize the server component to access the network or it won't be able to communicate with your android device."

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