Spark Radio


by Handcast Media Labs


Publisher's Description

Radio listening just became more fun with Spark Radio. Enjoy a huge variety of international stations while enjoying mesmerizing animations & interacting with other listeners from around the globe. Spark Radio supports over 24,000 radio stations worldwide and is adding stations all the time. Listen to music, talk radio, news, sports, public radio, and special programming from around the world. [The company] has created 8 unique graphic visualizers which react to music and create mesmerizing and ever-changing animations. The animations are all touch sensitive so you can interact and play as you listen. Spark Radio provides an elegant interface and program guide to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. Search for stations or programs by keyword, location, or simply enter the station URL if you don’t find it in the directory. Browse all programming by genre or location. And while traveling you can find local stations based on your current GPS coordinates.

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