Soulo Karaoke


by Seven45 Studios


Publisher's Description


Get Singing, Get Soulo.

Sing, record, [and] share with the new Soulo karaoke app. With your iPad as your karaoke stage and studio, you can sound like a pro, record your stellar performances, and share your favorites with one touch. Now karaoke can go on long after the  song.

Soulo’s innovative features get you inside the song like never  before. SING with built-in pitch enhancement so you’re always in key. Turn  the lead vocals up if you want to hear them or down if you’re ready to take  the lead. Add pro voice effects like Reverb, Tone, and Echo. Record your performances, or make music videos with iPad2’s camera, then share your favorites on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter with one touch. Upgrade your experience with a Soulo microphone -- take full advantage Soulo's voice  effects with superior audio quality.

Sound Like A Pro

Give star-worthy performances with Soulo’s pro voice effects:

  • Real-time,  pro-style pitch enhancement so you’re always in tune.
  • Reverb adds  richness to your voice.
  • Echo adds depth.
  • Tone adds fullness and clarity.
  • Add the Soulo Mic for a full-on karaoke experience. Digital wireless and wired versions available.

Innovative  Technology

Soulo’s exclusive library of innovative MPD™ (Music  Performance Data) song files include a lead vocal that can be turned up or down independently. Key info means pitch enhancement happens in real time, and lyrics stream with the music so you won’t miss a beat.

iTunes  Integration

Soulo also lets you access songs in your iTunes Library, allowing you to sing along with all of your favorites. Vocal suppression lets you mute the vocals for most songs, so you can take the lead.

Karaoke has never sounded better.


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Purchase PriceMonthly
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.00 None
This app is free, but songs cost $0.99 each as in-app purchases. You can also import your own songs from iTunes and use the built-in EQ to suppress the vocals in order to sing along. Also, "Soulo Karaoke Microphones are available at retailers nationwide including Apple, Wal-Mart, and Target for a MSRP of $69 (wired) and $99 (wireless)."

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