Sonority Maydrim


by BenuDigital


Publisher's Description

"MAKEYOURSELFAGAIN. The new Album from Maydrim. New promotional price 1.99€ Sonority is a way to listen the music from your favorite band and to discover new music you will like. Music, pictures, videos and information, all in one. Each Sonority application contains an album from one Band. "MAKEYOURSELFAGAIN" By Maydrim. Sets the standard for a promising musical future. This debut is a meeting between two strangers, a sharing between two friends and a colaboration between two artists. "It is an album that has cost us blood, sweat and tears (all true) and we are proud to share it. It marks an important stage in our creative journey and it is the creative spring from which dozens of new ideas are flowing (we won ́t reveal any second album secrets yet, but we can tell you its on its way...) We like this album. It sounds best when you play it in the car at full volume and drive towards the mountains at sunset"."

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