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Songsterr is a tab player app with instant access 300,000 high quality guitar, bass and drum tabs. You can search tabs by keyword or browse by tags and popularity. With Songsterr you no longer need to download tabs from third-party sites or upload them from your computer. Features • Huge catalogue of tabs from Unlimited instant access to 70,000 songs (300,000 tab tracks). • Multiple Instruments. Most songs have tabs for individual instruments (guitar, bass, drums, vocal, etc). Tap instrument icon in the top right corner to learn part of your instrument. • High quality. There is only one version of tab per song. Tabs are constantly fixed and improved by community just like articles on Wikipedia. • Most Viewed. Browse tabs that are most popular among Songsterr users. • Tags. Browse tabs by popular tags (Rock, Metal, Blues, Jazz, etc). • Search. Quickly find your favorite tabs by song title or artist name. • Legality. Music creators get paid. Available as In-App Upgrade to Plus version: • Playback. Allows you to playback tabs with realistic guitar engine. • Half Speed. Slows down tab playback without changing pitch. • Ad Free. Removes all the ads from app.

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