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Sonarflow mobile

With sonarflow for iPhone and iPad, your full iTunes music library – no matter how large – is available on a single screen. Sonarflow groups your music by genre, displayed on screen as colored bubbles. Simply use your fingers to zoom in and out of your personal 'music universe' in order to reveal more detailed information such as artist and albums contained in the genres. Double-tap any bubble to start playing songs.

With sonarflow it has never been easier to:

  • gain a clear overview about what is in your music collection
  • create playlists according to your listening pleasure

With sonarflow for iPhone and iPad we put an end to long lists when browsing your music library. Get it while it's hot. For free.

Sonarflow web

Sonarflow is also available for browsing music in an online music store in a new and visually engaging way. So step into sonarflow's visual music universe. It has never been so exciting to discover new music. Try our sonarflow web demo exploring electronic music from zero-inch.


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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.00 None
Web $0.00 None
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $1.99 None
(This is for the pro version, which removes ads and lets you create an unlimited number of playlists.)

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