Snowtape Radio


by Vemedio


Publisher's Description

With Snowtape for iPhone and iPod Touch, you can listen to internet radio, record streaming webcasts, play and edit recordings. Record Internet radio The built-in radio receiver is compatible with all MP3/AAC-based Internet radio stations and works best with stations that broadcast the song information with the audio signal. Using the built-in radio directory, you can choose from a variety of radio stations and search for the exact genre that you're in the mood for. The audio is automatically recorded in the background and recordings will appear in the list of recently played audio as soon as they are available. From there, the tracks can be saved or deleted. Organize your recordings Saved recordings appear in the "Recordings" folder. From there, you can move the recordings to other folders, change the cover, edit the recording, or just play songs. Edit album covers Snowtape automatically searches the Internet for available album covers and downloads them. You can change the covers at any time, search the Internet for other images, use an image from a photo album, take a photo with the camera and and even crop a section for use as album art. Edit your recordings You can edit your recordings at any time. Change the song title, artist name, album title or genre. You even have the choice to edit the beginning and the end of the song and trim unwanted parts of new recordings.

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