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Publisher's Description


Tired of mimicking the same ol’ songs over and over with those karaoke applications out there?

Now, bring some creativity into your favorite songs.


Singulaa enables you to sing and create your own songs over the tracks you choose from your music library.

With the full analysis of the backing track and with its sophisticated pitch-tuning feature, Singulaa will tune your voice to match the backing music.


Simply import a track from your music library and sing on your own.

You'll get to enjoy your own version of the track.


Additional features

- You can adjust the tuning level in 5 steps, from none to the highest.

- Adjustable vocal-cut feature suppresses the vocal part of the original track you've imported. (Powered by iZotope™)

- Chorus effect adds on realistic harmony that blends with your voice.


* Singulaa asks for no further in-app purchases, which means you can enjoy it to the full extent with a one-time purchase. 


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iPhone & iPad $1.99 None

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