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Background Music + Your Voice = Your Song! Sing My Ringtone is a utility and music application that enables you to combine your audio file with personal voice together to make it as your BlackBerry® Ringtone. Sing My Ringtone supports MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV and other audio formats. Now you can be an Artist using this application! Save your customization song as your ringtone or share it to your friends! Just browse your lovely background music from your BlackBerry® and follow the music’s rhythm to SING now! Your sweet voice will be auto merged together to be a perfect song. Just enjoy the application to be an artist to sing now! Note: You can find your customization song in "user" directory in your device as "recordingRingToneFile.amr". (/home/user/recrdingRingToneFile.amr). * For BlackBerry® Storm™ and BlackBerry® Storm2™, please follow the instructions to disable the compatibility mode to ensure the application displays properly. 1. Go to "Options" 2. Go to "Advanced Options" 3. Go to "Applications" 4. Select the "Sing My Ringtone" 5. Press the menu button on your device 6. Click on "Disable Compatibility Mode" 7. Restart your device * Once you finish install the application, it will prompt out a dialog that asks whether want to allow the permission. PLEASE ALLOW IT. For more information, please visit

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