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We are a community of concert-goers that rate live music and answer the question, "How are they live?"

Here's why we got started. One time I shelled out $150 for a concert ticket, the band was boring, sounded terrible, and didn't engage the crowd at all. By the end of the show it felt like they stole my money. The next weekend my friend invited me to see an artist I'd never heard of at a seedy bar. $8 later I saw the best live show of my life. High energy, really involved the crowd, sounded great, etc... I'm lucky my friend told me about the good live show, and I wish someone would've told me to avoid the $150 show. Now with ShowScoop we can make better decisions about what concerts to attend. 

Thanks for coming. And thanks for helping the world figure out which live shows really shred, and which shows should be avoided.


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