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Carry a sheet music library in your pocket! 1000+ parts for piano, guitar, violin, and other instruments have been specially formatted for the iPhone screen. Listen to MP3s of the music while you read the scores; Browse pieces by composer, instrument, or style; Search for pieces by title or opus number; Bookmark your favorites Just a few of the pieces included: Beethoven: Für Elise, movements from ten piano sonatas; Mozart: three complete piano sonatas including the "Rondo alla turca", first movement of the Symphony No. 25 (all parts); Bach: Air on the G String, complete Two-Part Inventions and Sinfonias, Goldberg Variations; Albeniz: Rumores de la Caleta; Verdi: La traviata (arranged for piano); Joplin: The Entertainer, Maple Leaf Rag

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