Setting the Drums on Fire


by KoolAppz


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Who doesn’t love a drum solo? It’s always the highlight of the show. Drums have got to be one of the coolest instruments both to play, and listen to. But more importantly, the drums are the heart of the band. The drummer is the one who sets the beat for the rest of the musicians to follow. It would seem that drums are easy to play. After all, anybody can pick up a pair of sticks and start banging on them. But once you begin to take lessons and practice you’ll soon find that they are one of the most difficult instruments to master. It takes a great deal of coordination to play the drums well. Each arm and leg is doing something different at the same time and it’s not easy to have all four limbs going at once, all the while keeping good time. Here is what you will discover inside... - Introduction - What You’re Going to Need - Taking the First Steps - The Ever Popular Rudiments of Drumming - Single Stroke Rudiments - Double Stroke Rudiments - Diddle Rudiments - Flam Rudiments - Drag Rudiments - Choosing Your First Drum Set - Basic 5-Piece Drum Kit Setup - What about Cymbals? - Popular Cymbal Brands - Should You Consider Buying a Used Drum Set? - How to Set Up Your Drum Set - Taking Good Care of Your Drums - Finding Some Good Lessons *** On Sale Now! (Normal Price $14.99) ***

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