Seatwave Tickets


by Seatwave Limited


Publisher's Description

Never miss a gig with the Seatwave Tickets app. Seatwave Tickets recommends upcoming gigs by syncing to your iTunes account and recognizing your location, while also allowing you to buy tickets instantly through your phone.

What’s more, the app features a dynamic seating map that means you can pick the actual seats you want in the venue, based on block, area & ticket price.


* Syncs to your iTunes to recommend upcoming gigs.

* Picks up your location to let you know what’s on in your area or in any location worldwide.

* Features a concert calendar to show what’s coming up.

* Displays dynamic seating maps to make it easy to pick your perfect ticket.

* Allows for simple, smooth ticket sales at the touch of a button.

* Highlights top selling tickets from the huge range of events on Seatwave.

Use the app to buy tickets for a vast range of events on (fastest growing global ticket exchange), from top selling concerts to sporting events such as NFL, NBA etc.

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